If the world ends tomorrow, what would you do?

「もしもあした せかいがなくなったらどうする?」

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Konbachiwa! Welcome to je_no_sekai, a community maintained by ryuuen_kurai and myradel.

This community does not have open membership, basically because it was only created so that Myradel and I would have a place to keep track of each other's fandoms, media lists, etc. We're keeping most of our posts public, though, so everyone is free to browse through our entries and download stuff as long as you comment and credit (us or whatever source we cite) properly.

Enjoy~! ^_____^♥

WARNING! Major Crack Ahead. Proceed at your own risk. X3

by shizuu


Standard Disclaimer for Fanfiction/Ficbits:

The people portrayed herein are real people and thus, they belong to themselves and Kitagawa Johnny. The situations we portray them in are, however, purely fictional. In short: they did NOT happen no matter how much we wish they did. X3